After seeing my fellow Dallas fat asses foodies tweet practically non-stop about the new restaurant Smoke, of course I had to try it out.  I’m not exactly what one would call a huge carnivore but I had a family member visiting town who is a fucking caveman who took a time machine to 2011, so I knew I would have to put my brave face on and finally check this place out.  Besides, I’ll try anything once…right?
Ok, maybe I initially came to see these infamous plates that have become quite the popular item to “accidentally” slip into people’s handbags as of late.  In fact, the missing plates have become such an issue that now Smoke prints this humorous little tidbit on the back of them-genius! I may be a bitch, but I’m not a thief so NO I didn’t take one but I do plan on buying a set when/if they decide to sell them. Ehem. Hint, Hint.
After stepping inside Smoke I decided to live a little and actually ended up ordering the “Texas BBQ Beef Coffee Cured Beef Brisket.”  Wowza!  It comes with nice, juicy full pieces as well as chopped meat providing a portion that would never disappoint.  I can’t say that mustard seed potato salad that comes on the side tasted like anything other than mayonnaise but who the fuck cares, the brisket is out of control!  The pieces have a sweet and spicy crust that by far was the best flavoring of any brisket I’ve ever had.  I found the chopped meat to be a little fatty and will be requesting just the strips next time.
I had heard so much about the “EB&D Loaded Up & Truckin’ Burger” and it surely didn’t disappoint.  Stacked high and oozing with cheese it looked like every acne-faced fat kids dream.  One bite and this burger quickly moved to the top of the list.  It’s delicately placed on a honey roll and there is the thickest cut bacon you could ask for without ending up on The Biggest Loser.  It comes with a side of BBQ fries that are just as insane and will surely become famous.  Honestly, the burger makes Smoke a must try for Dallas-ites and visitors alike.
Our waiter noted “The Big Rib” as a must try during our tour-de-meat and trusting his expertise we promptly settled on it.  Now, I never believe a man when he describes something as big.  I mean, really….However, this mamoth cow rib was definitely visually impressive and I really wish I could say the same for the taste.  After the flavor explosions that the brisket and burger brought, the rib was disappointing.  It came with hominy casserole which, unfortunately, was equally as bland.  One redeeming quality is that the meat was so tender that it practically fell off the bone.  I’m betting that Smoke will be ironing out the kinks of this recipe and The Big Rib will be a must have soon enough so I won’t write it off just yet.
Last but not least, our table was graced with the presence of the “Smoked Berkshire Pork Chop.”  I’m not a pork eater so I had to trust my caveman uncle to give me the deets on this one.  This is the guy who would most likely go at it on any animal carcass with just a knife and fork in hand, so I trust his opinion.  The pork chop was the perfect size and looked rather juicy.  I may not eat pork but I do eat the fixin’s that come with it and I must admit, the apricot preserve sauce that tops the chop is a game changer.  Needless to say, at the end of the meal he asked if I wanted to take a picture of his empty plate. Eaw.
For a fairly new restaurant, being blown away by three of the four meals that we ordered is pretty fabulous.  I’m no gambler (that’s a blatant lie) but I’d be more than happy to put money on Smoke being around for quite some time.  Word on da’ street is that the brunch is Smoke’s best kept secret.  I plan on eating inhaling that down soon so it won’t be a secret for long!
Peace, Love, Calories.


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