So-Cal Tacos

Cruisin’ the streets of DFW the So-Cal Taco truck, also known as Woody, has a short but sweet motto: “It’s all good.”  Being the cynic I am, I had a hard time believing that it would ALL good…but, it was!
Unfortunately for my mouth, Woody usually posts up in Slovakia Fort Worth which makes it difficult for this one (me) to check it out.  Afterall, my name isn’t Oh Hey Metroplex, Oh Hey Mixmaster or Oh Hey BFE – it’s Oh Hey Dallas…because I do my best to never leave our city limits.  However, on this glorious day Dallas let our food truck friends who are powered on generators venture into town so I made sure to clear my calendar for lunch.
Naturally, I stalked the menu before heading out and settled on the San Diego Classic, a panko battered fish taco.  Actually being from California it has become clear to me over my years living in Texas that any so-called “California” style fish taco done outside of the actual sunshine state blows.  However, this truck is named So-Cal Tacos after all so I figured I should just suck it up and check theirs out.  Whoa,  Just whoa.  A perfectly sized nugget o‘battered fish is bundled up in a corn tortilla that is so fresh one can only assume that there is a hispanic granny in the truck cranking these suckers out.  Topped off with the classic shredded cabbage slaw and cilantro ailoi the San Diego Classic quickly moved into my #1 taco spot, sorry ’bout it my fried avocado friend from Torchy’s.  All tacos are also served with a lime wedge, an attention to detail that did not escape this Southern California taco snob.
Now, I’m not one for surprises unless they involve diamonds, Lucia reservations or shoes but Woody surprised when I walked up and saw that he was wearing a board full of specials.  My immediate thought was panic because surely I would have to get out of the long line and re-asses what to devour and I just didn’t have time for that.  My roller coaster of emotions was soon justified when I saw that the truck was serving up what they call, Gnarly Nachos. Check please!
The Gnarly Nachos consist of the perfect tortilla chip that doesn’t get soggy, doesn’t break and still manages to taste delicious. What an effin’ concept.  The chips immediately made me hate every other Mexican restaurant that provides you with those bullshit tissue-paper chips that disintegrate before you even touch them. Anyway… these heavenly chips were topped with black beans, cheese, shredded chicken, rice, salsa verde and cilantro ailoni.  The nachos came out just looking like they wanted to be murdered by my face.  I bet you want to lick the screen don’t you?  My dining companion was a little freaked out that there was rice on our nachos and I told her that was a straight Cali thing, yo.  I was happy to see that So-Cal Tacos didn’t let TexMex nation influence their style too much – not that TexMex is a bad thing in the least, it just doesn’t belong on a truck catering to Southern California style food.
Seeing as it wasn’t noon or anything, we decided an order of the sopapilla fries would have to happen as well.  Yeah, I said it.  Sopapilla fries.  Genius right? Delicate “fries” are loaded with cinnamon and sugar and topped with your choice of chocolate, honey or strawberry topping.  For as gluttonous as they sound, the sopapilla fries are actually really light tasting which is a good thing seeing as those of us gorging on these still had to venture back to the office and pretend to work for the man.
The master behind So-Cal Tacos is Scott Wooley who can be described in one word, groovy.  Don’t laugh.  The word groovy is not in my daily vocabulary but it really is the only way to describe Scott.  A laid back dude with a carefree attitude, Scott can easily be spotted introducing himself and passing out high-fives as he takes patrons orders.  It is clear that the whole So-Cal Taco family loves what they do and I love to eat so clearly we have a lot in common.
As if the awesome food wasn’t enough to get hyped up about.  So-Cal Taco team donates 100% of tips each month to a different charity or family in need.  I mean reallllllly?  To be quite honest, my only critique of this food truck is that they don’t park out front of my work every day.  For reals – go and you will see for yourself how the crew at So-Cal Tacos is keeping it all good.

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