As all of you know I am obsessed with the fact that food trucks have swept our great city.  I may or may not have a huge crush on Gandolfos and because of that I’m a little apprehensive to murder try the food from other trucks who are making their big debuts what seems like every week.
As I was driving to work today (believe it or not, I do have a day job) I almost blacked out at the sight of not one, not two, but THREE of our beloved food trucks setting up Downtown.  I’m 99% sure that I promised myself to be on some sort of cleanse this week but let’s be honest, who the fuck does that in real life.  The only cleanse I want to do is with a bottle of water while getting my palate ready for some delicious food.
Walking up to Ssham BBQ truck I was nervous.  Seeing as mentions of their kimchee blows up my twitter feed on an hourly basis was a large appeal of finally trying this truck but the idea of Korean BBQ wasn’t exactly on the top of my list. Well, since I ate my body weight in grease so healthy this past weekend it was clearly time to destroy some kimchee fries.
Being a sucker for fries covered in anything sloppy, I knew it was love at first sight for myself and SSahm’s kimchee fries.  Immediately I decided on the DDak, otherwise known as chicken in English to sit upon this delicious creation.  Hand cut potato strips covered in cheese, onion, caramelized kimchee (what the hell is kimchee anyway?), spicy mayonnaise and last and always least…my arch nemesis c-c-c-cilantro.  I really don’t like cilantro, the stuff is shit!  Ssahm will be getting a gold star in my book though because for the first time in my life the food ruined graced with this so-called herb didn’t make my edibles taste like dirty feet.  The most important thing is that now I realize why the kimchee fries are becoming a permanent fixture on my gluttonous twitter feed.  A mere $4 got me a texas-sized small tray of these delicious babes and I can’t believe I’m cheating on my home state’s icon by saying this, but they give In-N-Out’s animal style fries some serious competition.
My inner heffer questioned why the hell I would walk away with just kimchee fries.  My mother would have wanted me to have a balanced meal anyway so it was crucial that I get some sort of main entrée for lunch.  DUH.
All my loyal (ehem, take a hint) readers know that I love me some tacos so my decision on what to pick to accompany my blob-o-fries was hardly one at all.  Being the über creative person I am, I ordered Kalbi, also known as beef.  The taco fit perfectly into my eager little hand and rocked my world.  Although it wasn’t nearly as exciting as my appetizer, the taco was solid.  Perfectly marinated beef comes wrapped in fresh tortillas and is then topped high with ingredients similar to the fries such as caramelized kimchee, onion and dirty feet cilantro.  All in all the tacos are well worth $3 but the kimchee fries are the only item that I would make a special trip for.
Aside from the food, the service was on point.  Rolling up during the lunch rush hour I was worried that there may be a food truck festival re-do where I aged 6 years waiting for my food.  SSahm is one food truck that’s got it right.  One person was outside of the truck taking orders while three were in the truck cooking up a storm, in turn executing the perfect system to getting a delicious food truck lunch quick!

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