Photo Courtesy of Stirr Dallas

There is no question, Deep Ellum is in the midst of a revival.  From old-time favorites getting revamped, new spots opening up, and the occasional spot closing down to make room for others, the neighborhood is certainly changing.  Of course, that can be a positive or negative thing depending on who you ask but with the recent addition of Stirr, I am going to go ahead and say that this kind of change is GOOD!
Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve surely heard of Stirr and you’ve probably had some friends beg you to check it out with them, too. Located on the corner of Main and Crowdus, it is clear that no expense was spared on the stunning design of this restaurant.  With a super chic dining room, and, quite frankly one of the best, if not the best, outdoor patio that overlooks the Dallas skyline, it’s no wonder Stirr is a hit.
A few weeks ago, I stopped in for the first time during dinner service and knew this place was on to something special.  The service was super friendly, each food item was better than the last and we hadn’t even seen the killer view from upstairs yet!  I could honestly go on and on about the view that this incredible restaurant boasts, but, nothing will truly prepare you for the bar scene upstairs other than a visit yourself, so, let’s talk about the food, shall we?
Stirr recently revamped their menu and, while I didn’t try the previous items, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this new menu is awesome!  Every single thing I tried was delicious and it was just one of those meals that you still think of days, weeks, and even months later.  Here are some of the highlight dishes from our visit:

Ahi Tacos
Chimichurri Meat Lovers Flatbread


Citrus Thyme Crusted Salmon


Frontier Rib-Eye


Poblano Berkshire Pork Chop


Poblano Mac & Cheese




Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding

Are you sold?
So, the food is delicious, the presentation is absolutely stunning but another fun fact is that here at Stirr everything is made in-house. Yep! From the pasta to the ice cream, this restaurant holds on to every creative aspect to ensure execution is consistently on point…and on point it is!  They even have their very own pastry chef so you KNOW the desserts shown above are just as good as they look.
I can’t say enough positive things about Stirr.  Whether it is date night, girls night out or your parents are in town, Stirr is the perfect spot!

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