StudioHop Fitness

It’s obviously no secret that I love to eat…like, really love to eat.  However, I try my best to not wind up on an episode of “My 600lb Life” and because of that, I work my ass off in the gym.
I recently had the opportunity to try out StudioHop, a membership service that allows you access to hot fitness studios around town for one flat fee.  Yoga one day and spinning the next? No problem! How about getting your dance on followed by a TRX class? You’ve got it!  For just $100 a month, members of StudioHop are get UNLIMITED classes to partnering spots which include BEYOND Studios, Pure Barre, Exhale and many more! Because, of StudioHop, I discover my love for fitness studios I had never been to before, including my ultimate fave, GRIT Fitness!
Think of all the money you will save not having 6 different studio memberships.
Sure, StudioHop is super economical but my favorite thing about it is it makes workout out FUN again. I didn’t have the excuse “Oh, I went to yoga yesterday” or “UGH, not spin AGAIN.”   On top of the broad selection of class offerings, certain studios offer StudioHop members the extra perk of bottle water upon arrival.
The team at StudioHop ensures the experience is a positive one for everyone involved.  I even received a hand written postcard in the mail just thanking me for being a part of the family.  These days when nobody has time for anything, it is important to feel special and StudioHop does just that!
Right now, StudioHop is running a ridiculously good summer special going on.  With a 3 month commitment, you get your first month of membership entirely FREE! Yeah, Free! My favorite word and I’m sure its yours, too. That means for $200 you get 3 full months of membership! Simply head over to and enter promo code: readysethop at checkout to redeem.

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