SugarBox: CLOSED

I don’t really know what to say except…meh.
I am going to have to say that you probably don’t want to waste your time at Dallas’ latest cupcake spot when there are so many places that don’t suck are better.
I was really excited to try SugarBox, especially since it is supposed to be a coffee-cupcake-macaron bar.  Hmmm, not so much.  The decor is adorable-everything in teal and black and it has the potential to be a fun place to meet up with girlfriends and GBFs alike.
I am a total macaron freak.  I love ’em!  However, after living in Europe I am now a huge snob cultured when it comes to delicious little treats like macarons.  I’ve found that it is hard to find an actual great tasting macaroon in Dallas so the thought of a shop that ‘specializes’ in them was exciting for me.  Fail.  The macarons were still in the plastic tray from wherever their real home is.  I’m not wasting money on that shit!  So what? I could just buy some chocolate covered cherries from the grocery store and open up a chocolate shop now?
Clearly, I decided on the cupcakes.  I got a half dozen minis thinking I should optimize my tasting experience.  I was always told in life you win some and you lose some.  Unfortunately, SugarBox has lost.  ALL of the cupcakes sucked.  Not only was the selection entirely too low for a shop that was still going to be open another 6 hours after I came in, but if you are going to make my choices so few they can at least taste decent!
Although decorated thoughtfully, the taste of the cupcakes was not up to par in comparison to the toppings.  Cute doesn’t make a cupcake taste good, just a thought.  The cupcakes were dry, crumbly and hardly had any flavor that distinguished one from another.
All in all, I won’t be going back ever any time soon.  SugarBox is in a bummer location and to be successful a strong buzz around town is needed.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this shop will be getting buzz in a positive light.  Another one bites the dust..

Um, and by the way I don’t work for any cupcake shop.  Not sure what crack head made that up.  If I write a not so positive review it is because the place isn’t worth your time and that’s the purpose of this blog. Dont like it? Please don’t read. 

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