Sushi Marquee

Ok, we have a confession to make…we’re actually really feeling Frisco right now.
With the addition of The Star in Frisco, it is safe to say that this quiet burb is now a destination.  Like the true Dallas snob that I am, I get super jealous when hot restaurants pop up in other cities.  I feel like I’m getting cheated on by my invisible boyfriend (sorry, I do have a boyfriend but you get the jist of my analogy right?).
I was jealous when I visited Tupelo Honey and today I am jealous because of an incredible, beautiful, super sexy sushi spot called Sushi Marquee.  Ok so, in all honesty, Sushi Marquee is just so damn cool inside, it could serve 10-day old sushi and it would probably still kill it for years to come BUT the sushi is absolutely stunning (and fresh).

See what I mean?
I had the pleasure of joining in on the fun during their preview party a few weeks back and since then not only have I driven up to Frisco once, twice..but three times for the insane food that Sushi Marquee serves.

During our visit, we tried SO much food…like, SO much, in order to be able to tell you that yes, everything is worth trying.  Don’t make us liars! Order one of EVERY.THING.  
With that said, you don’t have all day so let’s go over some of the highlights!

  1. The sashimi. Oh my finger-licking god. This is some of the freshest fish you’ll find in the area and the presentation couldn’t be better.  It’s a piece of art! Eh, who likes art anyway. Eat this. 
  2. Dynamite Rock Shrimp. All too often, when a sushi restaurant labels a dish as “dynamite”, it is nothing more than orange mayonnaise with the tiniest dash of pepper. Dynamite? Bland Dynamite. Sushi Marquee’s Dynamite Rock Shrimp is actually spicy.  It has a nice, smooth, yet strongly flavor punch that folks who appreciate flavor will be thrilled about.
  3. Miso Sea Bass.  Whoa baby. Generally speaking, I’m not a huge sea bass gal, but this one from Sushi Marquee has me singing a different tune. The glaze on the fish is sweet, yet salty, and paired with the crisp asparagus and soba noodles, this is the dish that has me running back up there so often.
  4. Lamb Lollipops.  If I had a dollar for every lamb dish I’ve eaten in my lifetime…well, let’s just say I’d be so fabulous I simply wouldn’t have time to blog anymore. There would simply not be enough time between my vacations, spa days, and dining adventures.  I digress.  These Lamb Lollipops are a nice touch for an Asian restaurant.  I don’t see enough lamb in Asian cuisine and thanks to Sushi Marquee, I know at least one restaurant that does!  The sauce is listed as cilantro lime but it is more savory than it sounds.  This is the dish you want on a chilly night when you’re craving comfort food. 
  5. Chicken and Onion Soup.  Out of every single dish that we sampled during our initial visit, it was the chicken and onion soup that stood out the most. I know what you’re thinking, “really? SOUP?”  Yup. An effin’ soup.  This crack juice soup is absolutely incredible.  I honest to god don’t know if I have ever had such a delicious soup and I’m not the only one…our entire table was wowed.  This isn’t an ordinary table of diners either, folks. We’re talking big wig foodies who really know their shit. This soup alone is worth driving to Frisco.

See what I mean? This is just a small sample of all of their dishes. Peep their full menu here: [menu].  I know that I joke about the distance from Dallas but it truly is not that far.  It is on the very Southern edge of Frisco so it’s, like, basically Plano. See? It’s not that far and just remember all of the delicious things that await your arrival.  To you people who live up in that direction: I’m jealous AF.

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