Tacos La Banqueta

photo 1Let me just start off by saying I FUCKING LOVE TACOS.  Although I’m not as apt in taco-ness as my friend Jose over at, The Taco Trail, I like to think that I know what the difference is between a steaming pile of shit in a tortilla and what is not.
I’ve heard for awhile now how amazing Tacos La Banqueta is, in fact, I’ve heard they are the best in Dallas. “Like, OMIGAWD, if I want real tacos I go to Fuel City but if I want real tacos I go to Tacos La Banqueta…with mase.”  After reading in Rachael Ray Magazine (yes, I read that cracked out tater tots mag) that the peasants that work for her Rachael herself considered Tacos La Banqueta the best in the entire state, I knew I had to try it immediately.  Naturally, it took me over a year to get there after reading the article.
photo 3Upon walking in, I saw all kinds of animal parts on the menu that us gringas aren’t used to seeing outside Fiesta.  I may be what some would call a foodie but the only kind of tongue I like is the one that I was born with in my mouth.
I’ll admit it, I was relieved to see that they were now serving chicken.  Yep, breaking news people – don’t you see that paper sign on the bottom of the menu? Goldmine.
I loved how tiny Tacos La Banqueta is.  I mean, there is hardly room for two people to walk past each other.  The other major plus for someone who likes to eat…a lot, is that you pay only after you are finished eating.  It is SO convenient to not have to pay another bill when you decide to be a fat ass and order more food.
photo 4Off the bat I ordered a beef taco and a chicken taco, you know, an appetizer of sorts.  The tacos looked great when they came out a few minutes later, they even had their very own garden piled on top.  JESUS, are you sure you don’t want to ration that dirty-feet tasting shit out?  Picking off as much cilantro as I could so that I could actually taste the taco, I was ready to indulge.  First up was the chicken, and it was decent.  I quickly decided that it was probably the tortilla and freshly diced onion that was so tasty, not the actual meat.  The chicken itself was fine, but it tasted just like boiled chicken.  No seasoning, no spice, just chicken.  Luckily, two tasty sauces that line the bar add a much-needed kick.  Next up was the beef taco, heh.  Same situation, different meat.  Under-spiced and loaded with fat, the beef was the most disappointing item of the visit.
photo 5
Not having a particular sense that these were the best tacos in Dallas, let alone Texas – I decided to move on to something different. I saw several tortas being exchanged with the other patrons so clearly that was the direction I needed to go.  Since the beef was a shame and the foreign animal parts such as HEAD definitely weren’t going to happen, a chicken torta it was!  At first bite, I was sold.  Perfectly toasted bread filled to the brim with chicken and onions all for $5?  Yep, this is going to be my new hangover jam.  The torta was decently sized and went down way too easily.  Thank goodness I had the mediocre tacos as a starter or else I would have had to go round 2 on torta front.
All in all, I can’t say I agree with the fact that Tacos La Banqueta serve up tacos even in the top 10 in Dallas but I am happy about the accidental find of a great torta.  If nothing else, visit for the experience and if you are more adventurous than me on the meat front, you are bound to enjoy the tacos.  I hear great things about the small intestine and the chorizo but I’ll go ahead and leave that up to y’all!

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