The Common Table

Seeing as The Common Table is my go to spot when I want some delish food I figured this review would be easy…whoa whoa whoa, wait, ok, rewind.  Seeing as The Common Table is my go to spot when I want some SANGRIA I figured this review would be easy-boy, was I wrong!
Perhaps its the fact that I felt pressure this time to remember the flavor explosions that occurred during my visit.  Maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t hammered off sangria (..yet) or it could be the fact that I ordered something other than ceviche this time around.  Regardless of the reason, this visit was different than any of the others.
My friend and I rolled into the joint at about 6:30 on Friday and were sat right away.  I hardly ever have to wait when I visit this neighborhood gem, but The Common Table always seems to be crowded, what gives?  It’s totally my favorite kind of magic trick.
Starting the night off right with some, and by some, naturally I mean a pitcher of their Skittles Sangria that never leads to disappointment.  The sangria is a sure fire way to get even your non-wine drinking freak friends to gulp some down and it doesn’t hurt that there are actual skittles candies mixed in. It’s the perfect drink for closet fat asses who are easily tricked into thinking the drink is healthy seeing as there are chunks of fresh fruit…only to be counterbalanced with alcohol and candy.
I’ve always had great service at The Common Table but unfortunately this visit didn’t quite cut it.  My table was greeted by a server who I had had before and who so lovingly brought me tasters of the white AND the red sangria when I couldn’t decide, so I was stoked to have her again.  However, when our pitcher of crunk juice arrived so did a new server. We asked this new server of ours to help us out with a life altering decision-the mac’n’cheese or the garlic cheddar mash (my personal fav), a true test of epicurean measures.  She suggested the mac’n’cheese and topped it off with an “without a doubt.” Well honey, you may want to start doubting because those noddles don’t hold a candle to that garlicky, cheddary potato lump that is just, as MC Hammer so eloquently stated: too legit to quit. It’s not that the mac’n’cheese is bad, it just doesn’t have the standard that I hold The Common Table to at this point.
Clearly, I was severely doubting this so-called server but I had food in front of me so I got over it quickly.  Aside from the mediocre mac’n’cheese, we had ordered the hummus and the ahi tuna nachos.  The hummus just might be my favorite in Dallas-topped with sweet corn and black beans, it is an absolute must when you visit The Common Table.  The ahi tuna nachos were recently added to the menu and they were alright, however, if you’re looking for an appetizer that involves seafood go for the ceviche instead.  It’s insane.
We we’re about to wrap things up for the night since our server was starting to pester us like a Jewish mother asking for grand kids when you don’t even have a significant other, when Jesus himself appeared and asked if I was “Oh Hey Dallas.” Why yes, yes sir, I am that little nugget of F-bombs and sarcasm.  Ok, so maybe he wasn’t actuallllly Jesus but I will forever think of him as such for introducing me to The Secret. Nope, not that ridiculous book Oprah would give up fried chicken for, this secret refers to the amazeballs dish that isn’t on the menu.
As I write this my hands are literally shaking because I actually don’t want anybody but myself, Jesus and the chef at The Common Table to know about this but FINE!  I will share it only because I am an equal opportunity food eater/sharer of deliciousness and not because the lads that run the place told me that they’re thinking about giving the dish a permanent spot on their rotating menu.  Now, with all do respect I never discriminate against the words dumplings or hush-puppies and when Jesus mentioned the secret I was sold, even if I was about to vom my pitcher of sangria and apps up from being so full.
A few minutes later our table was given the crown jewel of the night and for the record,  chicken + jalapeno dumplings + some sort of cilantro sauce = mouth porn.  I mean, really.  Seeing as I am such a classy lass (oh, stop your snickering) I don’t  normally eat meat on the bone but I was like a fucking caveman with this thing.  It is the perfect combination of tender, perfectly-spiced chicken paired with plump, not-too-spicy dumplings.  One can only hope that this dish actually makes it to the permanent menu because it is an absolute game changer.
The Common Table has a few must-haves including the grilled cheese, pan seared salmon and the summer melon salad but in my opinion, this place could make a killing with just one thing on the menu…and that’s the secret!
Peace, Love, Calories

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