The Molly Ringwalds

I know I don’t look at day over 21 (wait, right?) but believe it or not I’m an 80’s baby and with that comes an incurable obsession with 80’s music.  After hearing about them for literally years now, I finally got the chance to check out THE 80’s cover-bands of all cover-bands, The Molly Ringwalds.
Now, I totally know what you are thinking…five dudes dressed in head-to-toe 80’s icon garb with full makeup serenading me just sounds like a normal Saturday night and while it is, those other dudes aren’t nearly as fun as The Molly Ringwalds are.
At The Molly Ringwalds show that I attended, there wasn’t a face in the crowd that wasn’t plastered with a shit eating grin, nor was there anyone who wasn’t, in some way, dancing to the music all night long.  These guys put on an absolutely incredible show that will make you check their tour calendar right after the show ends to see when your next opportunity to see them is.
Not only do these guys sing some of the best 80’s songs ever released, they do it with ease and finesse that only true professionals of the craft can do.  Each has their own unique voice and together they come together in perfect harmony (HEY-O, I made a musicality joke!) to truly provide the ULTIMATE 80’s experience.
You totally want to go to their show now don’t you?  If you don’t you are a complete troll and if you do, you are in luck! The Molly Ringwalds will be playing at House of Blues in Dallas on July 11 and tickets are still available so grab yours here!

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