Three Reasons to Brunch at Front Room Tavern

It’s that time again, y’all. You know, that beloved event that rolls around each weekend where Dallas’ finest put on their best outfits and show off? No, I’m not talking about church service… I’m talking about brunch!
You know it’s true, brunch here in Dallas is a coveted social affair that most residents plan out weeks, if not months, ahead of time. After the folks at Front Room Tavern had me in for brunch a few weekends back I knew I had to share the news about them for all of my Dallas brunch buddies out there.

So, today I’m coming at you with the top three reasons to brunch at Front Room Tavern. Ready? Let’s go!
1) The Daily Pastry Selection. I know what you’re thinking – really? A pastry basket. That’s a reason?
Yep. It sure is and here is my logic behind that. Since when did pastry baskets go away? Unless you are getting room service at some swanky hotel on the regular, the chances of you seeing a pastry basket on a menu in the last say, five years, is slim. Now, the Front Room Tavern is located inside the Hotel Lumen so there could be some reasoning behind that, however, why did pastry baskets die out? I freaking love a good pastry basket and Front Room Tavern has a great one.
On the day of my visit, we were offered four fresh selections for just $6, including a chocolate muffin, classic croissant, as well as raspberry and cheese danishes. All were delicious. All are very much a brunch essential in my book. BRING BACK THE PASTRY BASKETS!

2) The setting. Located literally on the edge line of Southern Methodist University, bordering Mockingbird and Hillcrest, Front Room Tavern gives you the added dose of people watching seeing as it is located inside of a hotel. From tourists to hungover students, athletes and retired CEOs showing off their Aston Martins, Front Room Tavern provides quite the show. Sit outside, you’ll thank me later.

3) Chilaquiles. So, I’m from Los Angeles – land of the Chilaquiles and as hard as I’ve tried to find a great one in Dallas, it just hadn’t happened yet. Sure, I’ve enjoyed quite a few but never any that begged me to come back. Never one that I craved and surely never one that I would make my top reason for going to a particular establishment.
Well, that all changed after ordering them at Front Room Tavern. Not only are they sexy and sophisticated, Front Room‘s chilaquiles are packed with flavor and pure perfection. They’re so pretty you may not want to eat them but after one bite, you’ll wish that you would have discovered the dish sooner and spent your past weekends inhaling these.
Don’t worry, there are plenty to go around – move on from your guilt fest and move forward by enjoying these each time you brunch. This is one dish that I personally would never get tired of and I can assure you, neither will you.
So, there you have it, my top three reasons to switch it up and head over to Front Room Tavern this weekend for brunch. What do you think? Are you hungry yet? I am! All in all, Front a Room Tavern is the quintessential Dallas brunch spot. From delicious food to epic people-watching, be sure to make your standing reservations from here on out!

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