As if you didn’t already know this, cupcakes have taken over our nation. It all started with Sprinkles.  Thanks to them our country has most likely become even more obese but at least people are getting fat in a delicious way. There is something about a cupcake that makes you feel less guilty about indulging. I’m pretty sure that these treats still have just as much butter and sugar as other desserts but they come in individual sizes so suck it!

Dallas is no exception to the cupcake-fever that is plaguing the US of A. With cupcake shops popping up all over the place, it seems like there is a constant competition going on to find the best around. The best according to whom exactly? Most people judge the “best cupcake shop” off of Red Velvet which I find absolutely repulsive so clearly I can’t trust that that really is the best cupcake shop. What a conundrum to be in.  Of course, taste has a lot to do with the success of a cupcake but to me there has to be something else that stands out as well. Enter, Trailer Cakes.
Not only does Trailer Cakes set up shop in a renovated air-stream trailer name Bubbles, but it also dishes out bite-sized cupcakes which DEFINITELY makes me feel less guilty about eating one five.
Naturally, I was doing all my loyal readers a favor by trying all of the flavors I possibly could and it had nothing to do with the fact that I actually wanted to. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it and it might as well be me. I was so excited to finally try Trailer Cakes, as I am an avid stalker follower of all things involving food being sold out a vehicle.
Now, I’ve found that its fairly easy to make a cupcake look great.  But taste great too?  That seems to be the challenge.  Not for Trailer Cakes.  These little nuggets from heaven will convert anyone, I mean anyone, into a believer of all things cupcake.  Having the challenging job of trying out as many flavors as I could was tough.  Not.  It was actually pretty fucking awesome!  Here it is all of my lovely readers- my opinion of Dallas’ finest cupcake shop truck.
Slap-Your-Mother Chocolate: I was actually with my mother when I ate this and we probably would have beaten the shit out of each other if we weren’t in a delicious-ness coma. Since you don’t know me, you don’t know that I hate chocolate. I really do. I keep a dark chocolate and sea salt bar in my freezer just for good measure but besides that I could care less. Trailer Cakes, you sure are a tricky bunch! This cupcake is absolutely delicious and will please even the choco-haters (i.e. me). Topped with a miniature chocolate bar, this cupcake has a rich chocolate taste but with the lightness of mousse. You only need one to satisfy your sweet craving but let’s have a little come to Jesus meeting-you won’t stop at one.
Happy Days consists of vanilla cake and vanilla frosting with a mountain of rainbow sprinkles to top it off. It’s like fun-fetti on crack. The cake itself is delicious but I was thrown off by how hard the sprinkles were.  The treat was so crunchy that it almost became difficult to eat without worrying about breaking my teeth off. I absolutely love the look of this cupcake, it is adorable but I think maybe using different sprinkle variations would make this one even better.
I had read so much hype on twitter about the Cookie Monster that I was overly excited to check this one out.  It was pretty legit. With a moist cake topped with fluffy cookies and cream frosting, my eyes immediately rolled back into my head in delight.  My only negative is that the “cookie” crust was more of a crumble that decided to  disintegrate once I took the wrapper off the cupcake. I wore chocolate crust for the rest of the day but was damn proud to do so.
The King:  I stumbled upon this little bundle of joy unexpectedly because it was the only flavor left when I made it through hell to the front of the line at the Food Truck Rally a few weekend back.  Honestly, they could have sold me an empty wrapper and I would have been happy to have something to show for myself after the Disneyland-ish long lines but The King was a fantastic treat.  Sweet banana cake topped with creamy peanut butter frosting and a chocolate covered banana chip complete this cupcake.  Too many times, banana flavored things get to the point where they taste fake but the cake with was light and airy with the perfect hint of banana taste.  This cupcake is surprisingly light and honestly the perfect summer treat, even if its 108 outside and you have to wait in line for 20 min on blazing asphalt to taste one!
The Tourist:  When I first heard the description of this cupcake I immediately tweeted to @TrailerCakes that I needed this little treat to take a tour of my mouth.  Although I had to hold out until my birthday to try this it was well worth the wait.  A dense vanilla cake topped with a sweet Nutella butter cream frosting makes up the Tourist and also makes everything right in the world.  I am obsessed with Nutella and I would have liked more of that taste in this cupcake, but this small fact doesn’t take away from how delicious it was!
Now,  I have to give a bit more praise to Trailer Cakes.  Not only did they convert me to a believer in chocolate cupcakes but they also are officially the only bakery/restaurant/anything that I like the red velvet from.  Normally red velvet tastes like boring cake with boring frosting and a big waste of calories always to me.  I continue to be confused as shit as to how it can possibly be a large populations favorite cake. bleh.  However reluctant I was to try RV, Trailer Cakes version of the red velvet, I knew I had to give each flavor a fair shot.  Again. Mind = blown.  Dare I say I enjoyed it so much that I would actually make a special trip just to get my hands on one?

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