True Food Kitchen

TFK1I imagine that finding glowing reviews of “healthy” restaurants may be few and far between but surely not when it comes to True Food Kitchen, Plaza at Preston’s latest addition.  Last week I had the pleasure of dining at TFK and for a restaurant who hadn’t even opened its doors to the public yet, I was beyond impressed all the way around.
The crisp and modern decor reminds me of the happiest place on Earth, Dean and DeLuca, and had me hello.  An open kitchen, large dining area that still manages to feel cozy and a covered patio to boot, True Foods Kitchen offers the ideal place to grab a quick bite during a break from shopping or even a sexy date night venue.  The chameleon-like persona doesn’t stop at the decor, the food is all over the map, in a good way.  Focused on sourcing local products, TFK makes the majority of their items in house and the menu changes with the seasons.
TFK2I began with the salmon dip which, I must admit, didn’t sound like the most appetizing thing on the menu but luckily I judge with my mouth and not my eye balls.  The salmon dip to house made pita chip ratio was way off but both were delicious in their own right.  TFK‘s salmon dip could easily be packaged up and sold at any of our favorite food retailers around town to enjoy at home.  A light yogurt taste, large chunks of salmon and tart onion make this an item that will leave even my non-Jews screaming “LHYYM!”  Definitely a must order in my book.
TFk4For my entree, I was intrigued with the Inside Out Quinoa Burger.  What makes a burger inside out any way? Well, for True Food Kitchen it means that the bun is actually made of quinoa…seriously, somehow they managed to pack all those tiny beads of grain into a solid form.  I can dig it. In between both quinoa patties are fresh vegetables including tomato, lettuce, cucumbers, onion and even fresh hummus.  Although I think this item has the potential to be great, the “buns” are dryer than a mouth full of desert sand.  The small misstep of this dish was quickly saved by the side of kale salad or sweet potato hash (or by special request, a little of both!), that it comes with.  TFK‘s kale salad is everything that other kale salads wish they could be and I’d bet that those who don’t care for kale to begin with would still like this.  The sweet potato hash is more cubed potato than your traditional hash in nature but seeing that it is perfectly seasoned and well cooked, all is forgiven.
TFk5Lastly, I went with the pear and goji berry crisp for my sweet ending.  The crisp itself is served in a miniature skillet that begs for you to realize that it is literally fresh out of the oven.  The crust of the crisp is impeccable with a crunchy yet smooth cinnamon flavor.  If you are a crust whore like myself, you will want to order this…and not share.  A too-small-for-my-liking scoop of ice cream seems lost as it nestles atop this stunning dessert but the flavor is still decent enough for me not to want to nix it completely.
All in all, I think True Food Kitchen is fabulous.  Does it have some kinks to work out? Sure, but the experience I had was a week before they even opened for business so I want to cut them a little slack.  The space is rad, the service is overly excited and helpful in a non-annoying way and the food speaks for itself.  I have a feeling that TFK will become the place to be seen during their Saturday and Sunday brunch very shortly.   With my taste-buds still dreaming of the flavor creations here, I can’t wait to return and try their dinner offerings.  The best news of all?  True Food Kitchen is officially open for all to enjoy!


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