IMG_0594You may have noticed that Austin fast-casual concept, VertsKebap, is popping up all over North Texas.  With four locations that seem to have opened overnight, it didn’t take long for my curiosity to get the best of me and want to check it out.
I realized that the closest VertsKebap to me was the newly opened Preston Hollow Village off 75 and Walnut Hill and seeing as I wanted to check that area out anyway, I knew what needed to happen.  After working late last night..and by late I mean 6pm..I was simply too lazy tired to go to Central Market cook for myself so I headed thatta way.
First of all, PHV as they call it, is fucking cool with their restaurant options and sexy up-lighting.  Guys, there is a TRADER JOE’S there! With parking! Without Greenville Ave traffic hell! I digress..
I felt welcomed immediately upon walking into VertsKebap.  I told the friendly fella behind the glass that it was my first time and he took me through a very thorough explanation of how their concept worked, the history behind the name (it means vertical meat as in…the meat that sits vertically that is freshly sliced off for your eating pleasure) and what his favorite items were.  Of course, I did the exact opposite of his recommendation. Nothing against him at all but you guys know I’m a bitch so what do you want from me?
I went with the falafel wrap, which is essentially just a Mediterranean burrito.  In typical fast-casual fashion, after selecting which way you want your meal presented (sandwich, wrap or salad) you then choose your main (chicken, beef & lamb, veggie patties or falafel). Next up, you choose one of their five sauce options or you can do what I did and combine two because…yet again…I’m a bitch.  To top it off, you dress it up with all the veggie fixin’s you could possibly want.  I literally put every option on my falafel wrap and was very pleased with my overindulgent choice.
I was pleased to see that at VertsKebap they have a decent selection of beers AND COFFEE on tap as well as available in a can. Yeah, you read that correctly.  Cuvee coffee is on tap here which is just freakin’ cool. I was in such a rush to go home and face plant on my couch I took my food to go but that wasn’t before the nice fella I referred to earlier gave me a sampling of the tap selections. Mama like.
The smells filling my car on the way home were absolutely intoxicating and it was a matter of 45 seconds at most that I inhaled the entire wrap.  It was super flavorful, fresh and just too damn easy.  I really enjoyed my first experience at VertsKebap and will definitely be going back for the top seller the fella was telling me about which, for the record, is their beef & lamb sandwich with house sauce and all the veggies.

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