Vivian’s Boutique Spa

What’s better than a visit to a day spa? A visit to Dallas’ most charming day spa, Vivian’s!
Located just off Greenville and Ross, Vivian’s boutique spa may be new to the neighborhood but its arrival is making waves.

Have you ever walked in somewhere and immediately blacked out because the interior design is THAT good? Welcome to Vivian’s. It’s like the best Instagram accounts and Pinterest made one sweet lil’ pretty AF baby and turned it into a day spa. It’s pretty, y’all. Seriously pretty.

Since it’s opening, I have had the pleasure of visiting Vivian’s Boutique Spa several times and each time the service and treatments are unrivaled. Listen, I have tried A LOT of spas in Dallas so it’s rare for me to get super hyped about them. After all, a spa is a spa is a spa, right?
How could I be so wrong!?
Something that I absolutely adore about Vivian’s is their commitment to partnering local purveyors as much as possible. The majority of the products used for their services are by FarmHouse Fresh, a company out of McKinney, TX that uses amazing, organic and often use up to 100% natural ingredients.  Their products are absolutely amazing and they instantly upgrade your service to the lap of ultimate luxury.

Of course, Vivian’s offers traditional spa services that include (but are not limited to) massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and waxing.  They even have special treatments for all the dudes out there!  They often offer seasonal services that focus on in-season ingredients.  At the time of publishing this article, they were using violet and lavender for their special offerings!

The vibe is seriously relaxing and you’ll question why you didn’t get your butt in sooner when you’re sipping a cold glass of champagne and all cozy in the most comfortable robes on the planet while awaiting your treatments.
Vivian’s is the kind of place where you simply won’t be able to wait for a special occasion to visit again. Just go. Then go again and again. It’s our duty as Dallasites to support local business that are doing the damn thing and Vivian’s is the cream of the crop!

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