Whiskey Cake

I’ve done it again. I ventured out of my comfort bubble and actually traveled 20 minutes due north to a mysterious town called Plano for dinner.
Now, if you remotely follow the Dallas restaurant scene you would have surely heard about Whiskey Cake which is winning over unsuspecting Dallas-ites with their delicious menu and giving them reason to travel to the far away land “past the Galleria.”
Whiskey Cake promises a “from scratch only” kitchen so I decided to weigh the pros and cons of checking them out. Pros: I like food and I may or may not have had a gift certificate. Cons: I do not enjoy leaving the city of Dallas, er rather, my 15 block radius of Victory Park and Park Lane. Well fuck, what a conundrum to be in. I decided stalking the menu would be the only way to solve this debate and after I laid eyes on the “OMG (Onion Ring, Mushroom and Goodness) Burger” I was sold. Not only do they put one of my favorite things, fried onion, on a burger but they also seem to have a sense of humor which I can appreciate.
In order to kill two birds with one stone aka have moral support while leaving the city limits I took my good friend Susie Drinks Dallas so that she could check out their interesting list of “elixirs” while I chowed down on some of these scratch-only promises. With the high hopes of eating an obscene amount of food we starved ourselves all day in order to counter-balance (ya, right) the caloric damage we planned on doing.
When we arrived Whiskey Cake was, to our surprise, poppin’ off!  Jam packed with a diverse crowd, I started to think to myself that maybe we were on to something visiting this restaurant.  Although we were quoted with a 40 minute wait, we were nestled into our table in no longer than 20 minutes.  This whole timing thing seems to be a reoccurring theme at Whiskey Cake.  Read on for details.
We started off with the über-trendy deviled eggs. Who knew Grandma’s special would be so of the moment and make it out to Plano? Whiskey Cake’s deviled eggs are topped with smoke trout and pickled red onion, a description which, if you think about it, is rather barf-tastic. However, seeing as y’all want to know the Top 5 Deviled Egg Experiences in Dallas, I did it for YOU people! A disheveled tray of 5 egg halves quickly arrived at our table along with a waitress apologizing profusely for how long we had to wait. Is this how the service in Plano is? Clearly, I need to come out here more often. The presentation wasn’t exactly remarkable but then again, finding a pretty deviled egg is a rare accomplishment unless your standards are as low as Kim Kardashians. Regardless of the unusual combination, I was pleasantly surprised at just how delicious this dish was. The trout made them a bit salty but the yolk was smooth and the flavors worked well together. Did they change my life? No. Would I order them again? Yes.
Sticking with the apparent “under the sea” theme, we dove (god, I should be on Comedy Central) into the mussel appetizer next. A heaping bowl of mussels-n-stuff arrived at our table along with another apology from our waitress for the wait time. I was a bit disappointed with the amount of mussels that were closed and considering I didn’t exactly want to spend the rest of the night with my face in a toilet, prying them open just wasn’t an option. I got over my disappointment quickly once I started eating this dish. Halved cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, fennel, tasso ham and onions were stewed together in a broth delicious enough to fill my Nalgene with.  Now these?  These I would make the drive for!
At this point, I accidentally got in a staring contest with the plate of fried green tomatoes sitting on the table next to us so once our giddy waitress showed back up those were ordered. The fried green tomatoes weren’t the best in town, but then again Whiskey Cake is probably the only restaurant in Plano I’ve ever eaten at so that’s not saying much. The batter was thick so if you are one of those obnoxious people who picks batter off of perfectly good fried things, this appetizer is not for you. I, however, thought the batter was perfect and so did my clogged arteries! The batter itself could have used a little more seasoning and I believe that the kitchen was trying to get the flavor across in the pickle mayo remoulade sauce that accompanied the tomatoes, however, the sauce didn’t cut it.
After talking a lot of shit about just how much food we were going to eat, our mouths started to slow down after grazing on these three appetizers. An extremely important and serious conversation ensued about just what to do next. Hadn’t I practically driven this whole way for the OMG Burger? Oh wait, I also drove up there for the actual whiskey cake. The Horror!
Our strategizing left us with the restaurant’s namesake dish, the whiskey cake. I’m not exactly one for cake unless it is from Trailer Cakes (disclaimer: No, I don’t work for them, so suck it) but naturally we had to try it. I’m still not exactly sure what it is. It is brown, but not chocolate. It isn’t exactly sweet; in fact, it actually has a little spice to it but not what you would expect. It seems to be topped with some sort of toffee/honey mixture and spiced pecans.  Quite frankly the best part of the whiskey cake was the homemade whipped cream that accompanied the desert.  Overall, the cake was decent but not decent enough to name your establishment after.  Maybe the people over at Whiskey Cake should have taken “Bowl of Mussels” or “Really Good Breading” into consideration…

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