Yummy Donuts

Some may say that a donut is just a donut.  I say, fuck that.
Sure, we all like Hypnotic Donuts in East Dallas but there are just some days that I don’t want my donut stuffed with pork shoulder, topped with Cheerios and set on fire.
Enter, Yummy Donuts.  Yummy donuts is on Lovers Lane, just East of the Tollway and I was directed their way after tweeting my lovely followers (that’s you, people!) that I needed to bring donuts into work and wasn’t sure the old crotchety hags I work with would appreciate the….um, creativity of Hypnotic.
Don’t get me wrong, Yummy Donuts has their fair share of uncommon donut flavors but to a much lesser extent than their counterparts around town.  I decided to do half and half for my order.  One half was the boring as shit standard donuts which aren’t worth writing about.  Apparently they were delicious but I just don’t really care to review that part.  The other dozen I ordered were the uncommon flavors and I just went to town with these.  I gave the nice guy behind the counter the only kind of puppy eyes an Asian can when I realized I could only pick 12.
I ordered two for myself (le duh) and one was the lemon which was absolutely delicious.  I love anything lemon as long as it doesn’t end in the word “-head.”  The cake was so moist on the inside but still had a nice thin fried crust the way donuts should be.  The lemon frosting was tart but not bitter, sweet but not migraine inducing – definitely something to come back for.
One of my avid followers suggested that I “like totally couldn’t miss the birthday cake donut because it is the shit.”  So, I didn’t miss it. Let me just say, it may look like something a 5-year-old girl would order but it is no joke.  The frosting on this thing is fucking incredible.  It probably packs about 5000 calories of powdered sugar alone but we are eating donuts after all.  It had a whipped-like texture and had just the right amount of vanilla taste.  Just look at this beauty! I want to lick my computer screen just writing this.
It’s not often that I splurge on donuts but on the rare occasion that I do, Yummy Donuts definitely has my vote.  I wish I could sit in their cute little white and bubble-gum pink shop for hours on end shoving my face with their creations but I would also like to be able to fit through the door when I leave so that may not be the best choice.  The possibilities are endless here and it is like the Willy Wonka of fried dough land right in our very own city.

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